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Welcome to XgenPlus Support

The Address Book allows easy access to the contact list by maintaining their email and contact details. Address book will show all the saved contacts to the user. The address book can store names, email addresses and contact details that user don't have to remember while composing emails.

  1. Admin Address Book shows list of all saved contacts of domain admin account. In admin address book user have option to see list of all the users created on domain admin account automatically.
  2. Global Address Book refers to all accounts created on the Domain. This will show list of all users of a particular domain. In global address book user will get option to see list of users created on the domain automatically.

Where user can get Admin Address book and Global address book in XgenPlus-

  1. Open XgenPlus Account
  2. Click on 'Contacts' menu.

  3. Select 'Full view' option from the right corner in the XgenPlus account.

  4. After clicking on full View Tab user will get-
    1. Admin address book option
    2. Global address book option
    3. Show incomplete address option

    4. adminaddressbook

  5. Select 'show incomplete address' option to see the incomplete details of the contacts. User can update the missing details accordingly.


  6. To update incomplete information click on 'send request for updation'. An automated message will be received by selected group members where they can update information like:
    • Name
    • Company
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Email
    • Address


  7. Click on 'Confirm' button to update the information.
  8. Information will be shown automatically in the admin address book and global address book.

Note- User must enable admin or global address book in his Default settings to see global address book while composing, Replying and Forwarding Emails.


Now, User will get option to see list of email accounts created on the domain automatically.