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Alias feature allows the user to use one mailbox for multiple email addresses.

For set Alias, go to the Setting first and select Default Setting.

In Default setting, there will be an option to Add/Delete Alias, select it and create Alias ID of your choice on the allowed Domain names.

Domain names made available are controlled by Organization/ Domain Admin. This feature is very useful when an organization has multiple websites/ domains and person has a dual role. In another scenario where a user is given English+Linguistic Email address i.e spport@xgenplus.com,  संपर्क@एक्सजेनप्लस.भारत and both can be made accessible to one mailbox.


You can add Alias name of your choice in the field and can select domain name available from the drop-down.


You can delete created Alias anytime. You can create more than one Alias upto 10.

While creating an alias, now user can set the alias as his default ID, so whenever user will compose any mail, in FROM section he can see that Alias ID by default. If he wants to change that then he can select another ID from the drop-down.

At the time of composing an email, the user can see this alias as default send ID.

Auto Downgrading of Email

Email servers which do not support UTF8 ID's or IDN email ID's (Multilanguage email ID's), for them you can enable Auto Downgrading of Email. With this you can set outgoing ID to send email to non-compliance email server.

So this Alias ID will automatically display at receiver end when you send any email to non-compliance email server.


To set this, enable Auto Downgrading , and select option from dropdown. You will get these options: Alias/punny code, Alias ID (सहायता@एक्सजेनप्लस.भारत). So whatever you select will display at the receiver end.

If you select Punny code then xn--h2bv0aezc@ xn--v1bmv2ck2cxbe5k8bf.xn--h2brj9c will display at receiver end.

If you select Alias ID then सहायता@एक्सजेनप्लस.भारत will display at the receiver end.