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Welcome to XgenPlus Support

The Contact feature in XgenPlus is segregated into Two Parts:

Add Groups: The user can create group(s) and can add various contacts to each group. There is one default group known as "General".

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Steps to Add Groups in XgenPlus-

  • Select the 'Contacts' menu.

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  • Enter the desired group name which user wants to create.
  • Click on 'Add' button.

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After creating a group user can edit, delete or can send group email by clicking on their respective icons.

User(s) can Edit App Permissions , Delete App Permissions , Validate App Permissions or Send group email App Permissions.
Edit- User can edit the group name.
Delete- Delete icon is used to delete the group.
Validate- User can validate all the Email ID’s of the contacts in the group.
Send group email- With the help of this feature user can send mail to all the contacts in the group.

Add Contacts: Here user can create and save various contacts related to their business, friends, and clients. The user creates contacts and Business Card automatically gets generated of that contact. User can move/copy one or more contacts to different groups with the “Move To” or “Copy To” option. The user can edit the contact by clicking the link of the e-mail address.

Steps to Add contact in XgenPlus-

  • Go to the 'contacts' menu.
  • Select > 'Add contact' option from the left side of the contact menu bar.

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  • A contact page will open where user can fill all the details.
  • Click on > 'Save' to save the contact.

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  • User can add a new contact by selecting 'Add new user' option to create multiple contacts.

How to Import and Export contacts in XgenPlus:

Import Contacts- User can add or move contacts and send personalized group email through import contact feature. XgenPlus can import files in CSV (comma separated values) format only. CSV file should be in format: First name, middle name, birthdate, email address.

Download the sample template for a csv file

To import files user can follow these steps-

  • Select >contacts menu
  • Click on > Import option

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  • Choose desired CSV file to import Click on > Import button

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  • Select group name in which the user wishes to import file
  • Click on > 'Save'.

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After saving the CSV file user will get a summary of the import list, where user can see valid and invalid contact list summary.

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Export Contacts- When user have contacts or email address stored at one location and want to save or copy to another location, user have to create csv file. XgenPlus email account can do this for its user quickly and easily.

To Export files, user can follow these steps-

  • Select> Contacts
  • Click > export option
  • Select the desired fields to be exported.
  • Click >"Export in CSV Format"
  • Select the location where user wish to save the file
  • Click > Finish.

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