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Welcome to XgenPlus Support

  1. Prevailing search option gives the power to amplify the search. One can:
    • Look in All folders / Shared Folders or specify any particular folder.
    • Find messages even by :-
      • From
      • Subject
      • Message
      • To
      • Anywhere (any folder)
      • Attachment Name - search on the basis of attached file name in email.
      • Attachment Type - search on the basis of document type attached in email.
      • Email Size - search on the basis of email size.
      • Email ID - Just put the unique number of the email and search.
      • Search within Attachments - You can search keywords within documents attached into emails.
      • Search with TAG / Color
    • Search with Archive Folder - Search emails which is being deleted from Trash also.

      Search with Archive Folder
      Watch Tutorial

How to create folders?

Go to the folder section, select Root folder or folder in which new folder should be display. If user selects:

Root Folder: Folder which user will be creating in Root folder, that means this will be an individual folder.

Existing folder: It means there will be a main folder and you are creating a sub folder.

Search with Archive Folder