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Welcome to XgenPlus Support

An email template is a prewritten email. User can draft a mail and save, use this saved content to send any number of mails . Email template can be reused as and when required.

Instead, to rewrite an entire email or same email, user can simply compose an email template and can save it for future use.

Email templates allow users to save time as creating the same email multiple times can be saved. Email templates give an opportunity to the user to perform their email campaign with ease. An email template can be reused to build multiple campaigns.

How do I can create an email template in XgenPlus?

Steps to create email template-

  1. Login XgenPlus Email App and click on > 'Compose' menu.

  2. In the message body, enter the desired content.

  3. Click on 'Save as template' option.

  4. Template will save in 'Template' Folder.


Use XgenPlus email templates to increase productivity and ensure consistent emails.