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Welcome to XgenPlus Support

User(s) can converse within the organization with help of the “Chat” feature, without logging out of the application. User requires only the E-mail ID of the recipient and start chatting. Chat can be with individual as well as in a group. User can send text messages, emoji(s), attachments, hidden content through chat. Chat status can be customized.

To customize Chat status:

Click “Edit” icon.

    xgen chat

    Enter the status in the text field provided and click “Save” button. This text can be associated with the chat status.

    xgen chat

    The new status “DND” can be associated with any color as shown in the list of the above screenshot.

    For example, I select orange colour with status DND so my chat status will be:

    xgen chat

    Steps for one on one conversation:

    Select the “Chat” Tab from the Menu Bar.
    xgen chat

    Click “Sync your contacts” icon shown in the screenshot below. This feature will sync all the contacts from the contact list which makes chatting easy. Just select the contact and chat.

    xgen chat

    If the contact is not in the contact list then add new contact.

    Click “Add a contact” icon and fill the E-mail Address, Name and “Add”.

    xgen chat

    The contact will get saved in the “Contacts”.

    xgen chat

    The contact is in “Pending Contacts”. Receiver will see the contact request received in “Contact Requests” section. The recipient can accept or decline the contact request send. If accepted, sender’s contact will be shown in contact list.

    xgen chat

    Click on the contact to enable chatting. User can chat with the contacts added.

    xgen chat

    Click “xgen chat”  to send emoji in the message.

    Click “xgen chat”  to send a hidden content.

    Click “xgen chat”  to send an attachment.

    Short-cuts to use in one on one Chat

    User(s) can avail the facility of short cuts in an individual chat.

    /clear: Remove messages

    Steps for group conversation:

    Select the “Chat” Tab from the Menu Bar.

    xgen chat

    If user wants to create a new group, click on “Add a new groupchat”.

    xgen chat

    Enter the group name in the textfield provided.

    xgen chat

    Note: @conference.[domain name] is mandatory.

    A new group name testgroup@conference.dil.in is created.

    User can also join the existing group by entering the group name.

    xgen chat

    @conference [domain name] is mandatory.

    User can chat in the group. User can view all participants from left panel.

    Click“xgen chat”to view all the groups created on the selected domain.

    xgen chat

    In the screeshot above, all groups of data.in will be displayed.

    User can click on group and become a group member for conversation.

    Click  "xgen chat"  to bookmark the groupchat. User will be able to chat in the bookmarked group even if login from any device.

    Click  "xgen chat"  to get all the information of the group.

    Click  "xgen chat"  to exit from the group.

    Short-cuts to use in group Chat

    User(s) can avail the facility of short cuts in a group chat.

    /admin: This keyword will change user's affiliation to admin.

    /clear: This keyword will clear the messages shown in the chat group.

    /mute $nickname [$reason]: Remove user's ability to post messages. They will still be able to observe.

    /voice $nickname [$reason]: Allow muted user to post messages in the chat group.

    Watch video tutorial